If you are the type of person who loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day by painting and designing your nails with Valentine’s inspired themes, this post is made for you!

Previously, we have made a collection of nail art ideas for the Chinese New Year 2016, this time around, we have made a collection for the season of love. Make your Valentine’s Day extra special by having Valentine’s Day inspired designs on your nails, such as hearts, kiss marks, flowers, and more. For sure, you would have fun designing your nails with these ideas in mind. You would definitely feel confident to flaunt these nail art designs with your friends and family or through your social media account.

So, if you are getting bored of your red nails, take a look at our collection of Valentine’s Day nail art ideas for you to try! Feel free to share your thoughts on the collection through the comment box below and tell us your favorite piece from the collection. You may also snap a picture of your Valentine’s Day inspired nail art and share it with us through the comment box.

Have a great and pretty Valentine’s Day with these nail art ideas below!

Nail Polish Strips

If you like a combination of stripes of hearts, check this:

Valentine’s Day Nail Art 2016 1


Be pretty in pink with this design:

Valentine’s Day Nail Art 2016 2

ECG Heart Design

Gotta love this cute ECG heart design!

Valentine’s Day Nail Art 2016 3

Lips Nail Art

Check out these bright, colorful and fun lips!


Scrabble Nail Art

If you love scrabble and painting your nails, why not combine the two!


Love Birds Nail Art

Why not show a cute story through your nails, just like this one below:


Pink Roses

For a simple look, try these roses below!


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