Halloween is yet to come but the excitement is multiplying every single day. As soon as we enter into October people become more desperate for Halloween, it is the scary celebration which is loved by teenagers. They play trick & treat and extract fun out of it. Don’t forget to frighten your friends in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Today I am showcasing unique yet scary Halloween costume ideas of 2013-2014 for girls and women. If you put on loud and scary make-ups that would for sure be a bonus with these horrifying dresses shown down below. Scroll down to seek ideas that what kind of dresses can be worn on Halloween Day. Take it away. Boo!


Zombie Girl

Image source


Shadow Person

Image source


Swamp Witch Costume

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Ginger Zombie Costume

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Costume Ideas

Image source


Voodoo lady

Image source


Vampire Costume

Image source


Black Widow Spider Costume


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Halloween Dress

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Female Mummy Costume

£ 15.99

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Amazing Halloween costume


Zombie Dorothy Costume

€ 35.00

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Zombie Nurse Costume

€ 32.00

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Halloween Ghoul Costume

€ 46.00

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Traditional Witch Costume


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