Mothers are those angels sent on earth by God to protect us, give us shoulder to lean on, to support us, to make us happy, to nourish our souls, to sacrifice for us and to do everything to make us smile and shine. Mothers are just so indispensable, we can’t live without them. They drag out us from difficult times and guard us when it is needed.

Today I am unfolding perfect happy birthday gift ideas of 2014 for mothers from daughters. Daughters have more association with mothers than their fathers; they can easily share each and every secret with their mother’s and feel safe around them. Never let go the chance of making your mommy know how much you love her. Give pretty and adorable gifts to your mother on mother’s day. It can either be cellphone case, greeting card, necklace, rings, bracelets or wall-hangings etc. Have a look at the collection.

Thankyou Mom Typographic Art


$ 13.00

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Birthday Gift For MOM


$ 15.00

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Mother In Different Languages Necklace


$ 14.95

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Heart Necklace


$ 36.00

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Sewing Machine Personalized Necklace


$ 10.95

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Mum Charm Bracelet


$ 29.00

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Skeleton Key Necklace


$ 25.00

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The Green Flower Comb


$ 35.00

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Mother Gift On Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood


$ 23.00

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Mom Gift Box


$ 3.50

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Amazing Mum


$ 15.42

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Mom Tote Bag


$ 20.00

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Crochet Shawl


$ 52.50

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Mom Gift Card Holder


$ 3.75

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Tea Towel Moomin Linen


$ 10.00

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