Wedding or birthdays, women remain under the spotlight; they want to be appreciated by all and sundry. Birthday girl should look like a princess; she should stand out of every other girl who is present on the party. This can be possible only if she is wearing classy attire that suits her personality and makes her elegance worth noticing.

Today I am unfolding elegant birthday costumes, dresses & outfit ideas of 2014 for girls and women. Wear loads of pinks, blues, reds, whites and blacks to get praise from the people on your big day-birthday. Such colors enhance beauty and add up to the charisma. Have a look at the collection. Cheers!

Short Birthday Dresses

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-1

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Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-2

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Solid Gold Dancer Gold Sequin Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-3

$ 83.00

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Tomato/Nude Lace Sheath Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-4


€ 713

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Blossom Bash Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-5

$ 34.99

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Birthday Party Dress In Blue

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-6

$ 49.00

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Polka Dot Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-7

$ 38.00

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Elegant A-line Scoop Short Organza Lace Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-8

$ 119.99

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Royal Blue Chiffon Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-9

$ 79.00

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Long Black Lace Dress

Elegant-Birthday-Costumes-Dresses -Outfit-Ideas-For-Girls-Women-2014-10

$ 139.00

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