The 2016 Chinese New Year may be right around the corner but there is still some more time to find the perfect dress to wear as you start the New Year.

The Chinese New Year is known as the most important and the longest holiday (15 days) in China. It is also considered as the start of the spring season as it is also the first day of the lunar calendar, thus being called Lunar New Year. As a tradition, each member of the family starts the New Year with new clothes from head to toe while doing a lot of different activities.

Dress Ideas for 2016 Chinese New Year

Popular dresses for this very special occasion are Cheongsam, also known as Qipao in Mandarin Chinese. These are tight-fitting one-piece Chinese dress for women. It is usually made out of silk and is embroidered with different kinds of decorations such as pearls or sequins. It was made in the 1920s in Shanghai, China and was made fashionable and popular by upper class women. It is not only popular in China but in other countries as well since it is usually featured on films, fashion shows, beauty pageants and more.


Scroll down below for some dress ideas for 2016 Chinese New Year!



Black Cheongsam Party Dress

CHEONGSAM party dress black GOLD

For a classy look, this vintage black party dress would be perfect for you!

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Orange Patterned Dress

Dress Ideas for Chinese New Year 2016 - 1

If you want a more simple look, this orange patterned dress might be what you are looking for.

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Red Cheongsam Party Dress

ONLYOU Women's Vivid Embroidery Holiday Dressqipao Cheongsam Party Dress New Year Chinese Dress Mini Red


When going for an all-red fashion statement, take a look at this red cheongsam dress!

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Floral Qipao

Red floral Qipao, Short Sleeve Qipao, Modern Cheongsam, Petal Sleeve Dress, Cheongsam Dress, Oriental Dress, Cotton Cheongsam Dress, Qipao


For a more girly look, this floral qipao might be perfect for you!

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Red Qipao

ONLYOU Women's Lace Cap Sleeves Phoenix Short Cheongsam Sexy Chinese Evening Gowns Red

If you like intricate designs, take a closer look at this red qipao.

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Backless Cocktail Dress

KSHUN Womens Dresses Sexy Sequin Backless Cocktail Dress

If you like a more modern and sexy look, this dress might be what you are looking for.

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Pink Cheongsam Dress

Pink Cheongsam Dress

If you like a simple dress, try this pink cheongsam dress.

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