Christmas has its charm on us right in the month of December, it is the event most exaggeratedly celebrated around the world. Especially kids love to receive Santa Claus’s gifts at night hidden in some part of the house that might be under the pillow, at the threshold or hung at the house balcony.

Christmas celebrations elate our hearts and we never forget this cherishing event. Today I am showcasing cute & easy Christmas nail art designs & ideas of 2013-2014. Apply spectacular nail art patterns on Christmas day. Have a great and lovely Christmas with your family and friends. Cheers!


Snowflake Nail Art Set

$ 15.00

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Lady luck Red Nails

$ 20.00

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 Christmas Nail Art

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Brown Candy Christmas Nail Art

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Santa Nail Decals Christmas Holiday Nail Art

$ 3.50

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Christmas Nails



Christmas Nail Art Water Transfers Decals


Christmas Gingerbread Set Nail Art

$ 3.00

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Special Edition For Christmas Fake Nail Set

$ 29.99

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Cute Christmas Nail Art

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Dark Snowflake Nail Art Stem

$ 8.33

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Cool Christmas Nails

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