Christmas and Easter are the occasions when gifts & presents can’t be put aside; they are the main ingredients of the big days of big celebrations. When Easter comes, the shops start offering the deals of Easter gifts and Easter gift baskets, they may cost pretty expensive and out of reach at times to you, so in order to give you a little assistance, here I am presenting before you cute Easter bunny gift basket ideas of 2014.

Place handmade bunnies of various colours in the beautifully decorated gift baskets, I am sure it will give a great glee to your loved ones’ faces to a mighty extent. Scroll down to get the glimpse of the collection. Quick purchase the gift baskets for the respective platform. I hope you would like the collection, do let us know your opinions and anticipation for Easter. Cheers!

Easter Bunny Basket


$ 20.00

Buy from Etsy



$ 20.00

Buy from Etsy


Easter Bunny Basket Magnet


$ 10.00

Buy from Etsy


Easter Bag


$ 30.00

Buy from Etsy


Easter Basket


$ 18.92

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Cotton Crochet Easter Bunny


$ 20.64

Buy from Etsy


Needle Felted Bunny With Basket


$ 16.50

Buy from Etsy


Adorable Easter Bunny With Easter Bunny Basket


$ 70.00

Buy from Etsy


3-D Faux Burlap Easter Bunny Basket Mesh Wreath


$ 105.00

Buy from Etsy


Crochet Easter Bunny Basket


$ 6.00

Buy from Etsy

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