Halloween is the day of terror that evokes evils, witches and spookiness that reside in each one of us. Wearing horrifying dresses with loud makeups are the real meaning of Halloween. I have been posting Halloween stuff for your interest.

Today I am showcasing awesome yet scary Halloween gift ideas of 2013-2014. You of course don’t hand over gifts straight way without proper gift wrapping; you need to place it in some gift basket for a more overwhelming feel. Some carved pumpkins, boo hair-clips, spiders/black cat articles, weird jewelry can be given away to folks for Halloween. Scroll down to seek ideas how you can please your mates on Halloween!


Mini Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

$ 5.50

Buy from Etsy


Bones, Halloween Gift Tote Bag

$ 10.00

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Gift Box

$ 11.00

Buy from Etsy


Spiderweb Halloween Gift Bow

$ 2.75

Buy from Etsy


Hooters Bracelet Fashion

$ 6.50

Buy from Etsy


Skull Bracelet – Fold Leather Bracelet Wax Attachment Bracelet

$ 8.00

Buy from Etsy


Charm Bracelet

$ 5.19

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Gift Cool Black Leather Cuff

$ 3.50

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Cats

$ 19.00

Buy from Etsy


Gift Bag For Candy ” The Halloween Spider”

$ 4.78

Buy from Etsy


Pumpkin Cute Juice Gift Set

$ 25.00

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Favors

$ 6.25

Buy from Etsy


Rib Cage Skeleton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

$ 19.95

Buy from Etsy


Printable Halloween Coffin Spiderweb Favor Box

$ 5.00

Buy from Etsy

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