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3. Flowers

For people who love flowers, flower arrangements are so fun to make and lovely to look at. If you do not have the time or resources to make one, you could order online. But, ordering online doesn’t really guarantee that what you see is what you get!

In the case of the buyer below, she wanted to get a lovely flower arrangement with a cute face of an animal. However, when her order came, she was shocked to see that it was way too different from what she had ordered.

The supposed cute and lovely flower arrangement turned into an unexplainable piece, complete with a pair of googly eyes and leaves that are sticking out!

Be sure to check out other customer reviews to make sure that the online shop that you are buying from is legit and had good feedback and products. Hopefully, she received a refund or a new (and way better) product!


4. Halloween Dress

One of the popular events for Halloween is cosplaying. Many people make their own costumes, while some prefer to buy it instead. A lot of people also like to buy on online stores for supplies or accessories which they want to use for their costumes.

The shopper below looked online for a Halloween costume. She thought that she had a great deal and was excited to use it for her dress, only to find out that she ordered a different product.

She was looking for a fur wolf tail which she wanted to attach to her Halloween dress on eBay. What arrived was indeed a ‘fur wolf tail,’ but it was not meant to be attached to a Halloween dress or on any kind dress for that matter. Because what arrived was an adult toy instead!

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