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Shopping online has become very important in our lives due to its convenience. We can buy almost anything online and have them delivered to our home in few days. This convenience, however, comes at a cost like not being able to see what we are buying until it arrives in our door step. We at Girlshue have looked around and compiled a collection of online shopping fails that you wish you’d never experience! Take a look at our list below and feel free to add your own experience of online shopping fails by adding a comment through the box below.

1. Color Changing Mug

This shopper wanted a special gift for his wife for Christmas, after all, it is the season of giving.  But, what he received turned out to be a horrible Christmas present!

Color changing mugs are quite popular because of their lovely designs. They are definitely a great item for a morning coffee or any other hot beverages. After pouring a hot drink into the mug, it suddenly changes its color – often revealing a fantastic design.

From the product below, it seems that the black mug was supposed to turn into a colorful Christmas themed mug complete with a Santa Clause design. However, it turns out that it was not the case. The shopper received a cup with a different printed photo – the image of the sample design! It seems like the buyer just experienced a funny online shopping fail. The question now is, does the mug changes its color? Only Matt knows!


2. Rug

Fancy a rug for your home? You should be able to find lots of rugs in online shops. But, you better pay attention to its size, you wouldn’t want to have an online shopping fail experience right?

The next buyer on our list wanted to have carpet for his room. After shopping online, he was excited to have his new rug. But to his surprise, when it was delivered, the rug that he received was so small – too small that it could not even cover the stain on his floor!

If you think that the price is just too good to be true, check out the product’s details once again. If it does not have any size specified in its details, be sure to ask the seller, check other customer reviews or better yet – avoid buying such product! Again, size is really important! Be careful not to end up buying the wrong size.

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