Now that you have your dress and makeup ready for the 2016 Chinese New Year, it is time for you to prepare your hair! If you are wondering as to what kind of hairstyle you should wear for the New Year, this post is made just for you.

If you are thinking of giving yourself a makeover, there are a lot of Chinese New Year inspired hair styles out there which could fit your New Year look along with your New Year inspired dress and makeup. You can check out different hairstyles based on your face shape, make up, outfit, or any other things. Moreover, you could also try out different hair colors (which you could also base from your zodiac’s lucky colors for the 2016 Year of the Monkey) for a fresh, new and lucky start for the New Year!

Today, we have collected 5 kinds of hairstyles which fit the Chinese New Year theme. So, if you like to start the New Year with a new hairstyle, check out our collection below. Do not forget to share with us as to which hairstyle was your favorite and your thoughts on the collection through the comment box below! Have a great New Year, cheers!


Structured side bun with an accessory which matches your qipao:


Structured updo just like Korean actress Song Hye Kyo:


You may also try a double side bun, like this below:


You could also curl the ends of your hair and do a full bangs for a simple look:


If you like to go for a bob cut, check this out: