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The more beautiful the news caster or weather woman is, the higher the ratings are! We can definitely bet on that. Just look at the weather woman in San Diego, Chrissy Russo. Her laugh and flirty conversations with the guests are over the top. There are times that she messes up the basics in her report. But still, she is the number 1 weather reporter in that city! Yes, number 1! We cannot deny that she is really smoking hot.

This article is for these ladies who keep our eyes glued to their news report not because of what they really want to tell, but because of how they look when they are reporting. All of them are deserving of our full attention. The way they speak and appear on TV are just too great and too perfect for our eyes! Now is the time to give them a round of applause for their great skills as well as amazing beauties!

1. Melissa Theuriau – M6


There are no words to describe the beautiful Melissa Theuriau. She’s not only amazing with delivering her news but she’s also damn beautiful! She is a French news anchor and she is still there in France. Her reading news was uploaded and newspapers also voted for her as the most beautiful news reporter in the world. Let’s face it. When we think of news casters, we do not care about their looks or sex appeal.

Reporters were always middle-aged men or middle-aged women. However, Melissa Theuriau showed off her features and dominated the news industry! Even though she’s in France, she has accomplished worldwide popularity via YouTube and her topless photos are everywhere on the internet. Maxim even named her as the TV’s sexiest news anchor. She is amazingly beautiful and witty!

2. Megyn Kelly – Fox News


Megyn Kelly is a deity when it comes to screaming beauty and news. Megyn made the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump upset by standing up to his bullying strategies. Many people adored her even more!

Megyn co-anchored Fox News Channel’s election night with Bret Baier. She also co-anchored FNC’s primetime coverage of the presidential conventions live from Tampa and Charlotte. She also co-anchored the network’s 2012 coverage of the presidential primaries, and moderated two GOP presidential debates. She’s just that great, right?

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