Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31. It is a festival which includes bonfires, trick-or-treat and costume parties. Different sort of masks are also made to wear in order to appear scary and horrible—similar to evil spirits, ghosts and witches.

Today I am unfolding a beautiful assemblage of best, creative and cool Halloween costume ideas 2012 exclusively for babies & kids. Children are always very active in celebrating Halloween day. They go door to door in order to play trick or treat. Costumes of ghost face, skull, bumble bee, hooty owl, baby lion, monkey, unicorn Infant costumes are worn by kids on this day.

Enjoy Halloween with innovative and creatively scary costumes this time. I wish you all a very Happy Halloween in advance.

Pirate Tutu Costume Perfect for Halloween


38.95 $

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Owl Tutu Dress Costume Set  – Great for Halloween


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Too Cute Pumkin Tutu Halloween


35.00 $

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Kiddie Halloween Costume


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Baby Costume Toddler Costume Halloween Costume Egg With Bacon


60.00 $

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TRANSFER IRON-On KIT & Adhesive Mask


6.75 $

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Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids


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California Sushi Roll Toddler Halloween Costume


42.00 $

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Fairy Costume


97.90 $

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Tinkerbell Halloween Dress


50.00 $

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Bumble Bee Halloween Costume


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Hooty Owl Costume


75.00 $

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 Bam Bam Costume For Halloween


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Creative Halloween Dresses


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Easy Homemade Halloween Dresses


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Baby Lion Costume For Halloween




Daisy Bunting Costume – Too Cute For Halloween


18.99 $

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Monkey Costume For Halloween


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Magical Unicorn Infant/Toddler Costume For Halloween


24.95 $

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Turkey Gobbler Baby Costume


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