Christmas snow begins to fall in December. All through the month we make best efforts to prepare ourselves for December 25th. Christmas is deeply associated with Santa Claus. Gifts are given to poor children who cannot make their both ends meet. Nevertheless we make a best décor indoor/outdoor with Christmas bells on Christmas tree, snowman and a Santa Claus on Christmas’s eve. For Christmas parties ladies spend a lot. Of course who does not like to look pretty in a family gathering or party?

Today I am unlocking 20 beautiful yet cheap Christmas party dresses/ costumes and outfits of 2012 for teen girls and women. You can take inspiration from this collection of party dresses. Let’s sing Christmas songs and pray for peace and love. Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.


Christmas Costumes For Girls


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Christmas Gift Adult Costume


19.99 $

Buy from buycostumes



Lace Up Christmas Costume


98.95 $

Buy from yandy



 Ginger Girl Costume For Christmas


49.95 $

Buy from yandy



Naughty Noel Christmas Costume


44.99 £

Buy from sparklingstrawberry



Perfect Outfit For Christmas


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Crimson Sighs Dress For Christmas


Image source



Beautiful Party Dress For Christmas


Image source



Lace Dress For Halloween

74.99 $

Buy from frenchconnection



Christmas Story Costume




Motown Black Dress For Christmas



38.00 $

Buy from lulus



 Strapless Dresses For Christmas


Image source

Image source




French Connection Fast Sam Sequin Dress For Christmas


Image source



The Vivien Dress in Dark Fuchsia Stretch Taffeta For Christmas


102.00 $

Buy from pinupgirlclothing



 Christmas Party Dresses


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Image source 1 2

Image 1                                                                   Image 2



Sweetheart Santa Dresses


Image 1                                                                     Image 2

43.95 $

Buy from yandy


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