The season of love has started. In the month of love you really want to feel special and make your loved ones happy too. Gifts are the beautiful ways of making someone know how important he/she really is for you. No matter what day it is, loved ones should always be adored and cherished.

Today I am showcasing 15+ unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas of 2014 for girlfriends or wives. I am sure you will love these gifts for her and would buy the charismatic and bedazzling gifts for your better half. Have a look at the collection. Spread love and stay gleeful! Cheers!

Valentine’s Romantic Gift Canvas Your Photo To Art

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-1

$ 121.00

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Valentine’s Diy Digital Printable Art

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-2

$ 5.00

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Valentine’s Day – Grey Canvas Bag With Handle & Adjustable Strap

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-3

$ 42.00

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Heart Dress Valentine’s Day 2014

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-4

$ 36.00

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Paisley Heart Earrings

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-5

$ 19.00

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Tiny Sky Blue Hearts Stud Earrings

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-6

$ 11.00

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Mushroom Earrings

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-7

$ 12.00

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Rose Pink Statement Ring

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-8

$ 80.00

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Vintage Rhinestone & Silver Tone Necklace

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-9

$ 24.75

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Women’s Valentine’s Bracelet

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-10

$ 22.00

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Women’s Leather Clutch

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-11

$ 114.00

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Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-12

$ 215.00

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Crocheted Bag Silver

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-13

$ 40.00

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Gold Sequin Bag

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-14

$ 44.96

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Mix & Match Fabric Stuffed Valentine’s Day Hearts

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-15

$ 5.06

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Knitted Slippers

15-Unique-Valentines-Day-Gift Ideas-2014-For-Girlfriends-Or-Wives-Gifts-For-Her-16

$ 24.00

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