Are you a fashion freak? Then you must have been checking out what fashion and trends are on the go. We have always been bringing you closer to latest trends so you don’t look wither away. Always eyeball at the fashion magazines, fashion channels and a real time check on celebrities because every latest fashion is found there.

Today I am unfolding 15+ summer casual fashion trends, clothing & outfits styles of 2014 for girls. You can use mix and match while including several colors in your wardrobe. Black & whites, yellow, blue, pinks and reds never go out of fashion. You need to pick out them as per your choice and demand of the events. Have a gaze at the following accumulation. Cheers!

2014 Summer Floral Printing Dress


$ 89.00

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2014 Summer A Line Skirt Emerald Green Dress


$ 122.00

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2014 Summer Black & Beige Vintage Chiffon Dress


$ 98.00

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Sequined Summer Dress 2014


$ 133.00

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Silk Dress Elegant A Line V Neck 2014


$ 178.00

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2014 New OL Elegant Dress


$ 59.00

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Red 2014 Women Summer Skirt Art


$ 53.99

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White 2014 Women Summer A Skirt Korea Cotton Linen Dress


$ 53.99

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2014 Summer Cotton Linen Dress Green/Red


$ 49.99

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Casual Day Dress


$ 99.00

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Skirt Chiffon Long Dress 2014


$ 88.00

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Lace Halter Dress


$ 80.00

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Long Lace Dress


$ 140.00

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Unique Design Graffiti Print Dresses


$ 29.99

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Jessieclothing 2014 Summer Bohemian Dress


$ 38.00

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Chiffon One Piece Novelty Dresses


$ 58.00

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