Every woman is born pretty, she polishes herself over the ages; she applies facial makeups to veil the blemishes, to hide her flaws and to invigorate her looks. Accessories are fundamentals in giving a lift to a woman’s personae. She likes mix & match of colors, combinations and contrasts. She is like a rainbow—full of insignias, a peacock replete with beauty, a blazing sunshine, a fresh dewdrop, a cold summer breeze, a winter fog, a red rose of May and a spring’s sparrow. I found some classy and chic fashion accessories on olx.com.bd. Buy & sell the sophisticated ornaments/jewelry to give yourselves a boom!

No matter what the age of a lady, she loves her loom & gloom; she keeps on enhancing her beauty by every possible resource. Fashion and style are the most cardinal ingredients of a woman’s world. Since the childhood years, a girl is brought up in a friendly, loving and sweet environment as she is delicate, she is so fragile. Women give meaning to the world. They have significant role to play in the society, no matter which culture she belongs to, she is an epitome of beauty.

Girls rule the world, it is said, gives her the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. In this entire world, women are given the gesture of respect, honor and dignity because they deserve nothing less than that. A woman raises her family, takes care of her children, feed them, nourishes them, stays beside them, supports her family and is always fond of fashion.

Today I am unfolding 15 cool & stylish girls fashion accessories list of 2014 that can assist every beautiful lady out there; through various easy ways to glorify her glam, to spice up her sophistication and to glaze her charm. Dress up yourself with flashy, gaudy and flamboyant accessories that would jazz up your attires and make them more florid and more lucid. Have a glimpse of the collection and you would get bedazzled. Cheers!

Crochet Slouchy Hat Gray Ladies


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/3ajeg5)


Black, Flowers, Bohemian Head Wrap


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/aC8exQ)


Fabric Hair Bow With Tails


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/45r7Ug)


Two Piece Outfit – Chiffon Dress


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/VQeLtu)


Wine Red Prom Dress


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/9M0hbQ)


Sequin Heeled Shoes


$ 30.00

Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/d4leuI)


Shoe Jewelry Anklet For Heels


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/pQ8frZ)


Boho Endless Leather – Chain


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/PGP6fo)


Gold Shell Bangle


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/jIuX8u)


World Map Watch


$ 10.99

Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/Dpyy3d)


White Stretchy Lace Wrap


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/zg92yC)


Chanel Shoulder Bag


Buy from shop-hers (http://goo.gl/QGdPY1)


Gucci Bag


Buy from harpersbazaar (http://goo.gl/gstaf8)


Cute Colorful Women’s Wallets


Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/FSojrF)


Crystal Square Drops Dangle & Large Luxe Drop Earrings


Buy from Etsy  (http://goo.gl/YcgXyW)            Buy from Etsy (http://goo.gl/6j5dfc)

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