Halloween is that one peculiar celebration which is equally popular among adults as within the teen circle because that’s all about giving a shout out to spookiness and outrage. In the public settings and parks, people come dressed as evil and as terrifying objects; they apply weird tattoos on their bodies to manifest Halloween euphoria.

Parents especially take their kids with them straight to such places where they can let them witness Halloween crawl to be aware and having the knowledge that evil is not something to be scared of, it is there to show us the ‘importance of good’ in the scary and malicious world. Have a look at the collection of 15 cheap & scary Halloween high heels & shoes for women of 2014. Mommies, teens and adults can wear them. Boo!

Horror Movies Themed Custom Made Shoes


$ 99.99

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Candy Button Heels


$ 200.00

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Vintage Black Vampy Pumps


$ 24.99

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White Platform Heels With Eyeballs, Paint & Glitter


$ 115.00

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Princess Pumps Red Sequin


$ 99.99

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Spiderman Comic Heels


$ 69.95

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Day Of The Divine Sugar Skull Shoes


$ 76.99

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Rhinestone Encrusted Batman, Batgirl


$ 104.95

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Pink & White Classic Hand Painted High Heel Sandals For Women


$ 227.29

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Red Glitter Chunk Heel


$ 48.00

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Black White & green Hand Painted Flat Shoes For Women


$ 206.35

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Grey & Pink Hand Painted Flat Shoes For Women


$ 206.35

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Evil Dead Custom Hand Painted Wedge Heels


$ 150.00

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Fetish Ballet “Gasoline” Studded Heels


$ 365.00

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Spiked Zombie High Heels


$ 80.00

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