Hay ladies! Aren’t you excited to wear fancy, flashy and creative costumes on December 25th? Winter breeze is blowing and to keep ourselves cozy all we need to wear is warm sweaters not to get frozen as the weather is up to drive us.

Snowy Christmas should be celebrated accordingly so today I am showcasing 12 ugly, funny and tacky Christmas lighted sweaters vest patterns of 2012 for women. These sweaters include the images of jingle bells, Christmas tree, bearded Santa Claus and glittery lights etc. They will certainly give you a funky outlook on Christmas. Scroll down and get inspired. Let the snow fall!



Vintage 80’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Light Up, 3D, Noise Making


24.00 $

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Ugly Christmas Sweater With A Golf Theme


39.99 $

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Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Bobbie Brooks Heavily Decorated With Santas


25.00 $

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Xmas Bright Tacky Gaudy Jewels Sequins Sparkly Colorful Novelty Holiday Women’s Pullover


24.00 $

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Vintage Beaded Sweater With Sequins & Detailed Bead Work In Brown & Bronze Christmas Sweater


58.00 $

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Vintage Handmade Ugly Christmas Sweater Made With Puff Paint &  Sequins


17.00 $

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Lighted Ugly Christmas Sweater


Image 1                                                                         Image 2

65.00 $                                                                          70.00 $

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Image 1                                                                            Image 2

68.00 $                                                                             65.00 $

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Image 1                                                                             Image 2

60.00 $                                                                              65.00 $

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Image 1                                                                    Image 2

67.00 $                                                                     68.00 $

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Image 1                                                                      Image 2

80.00 $                                                                       68.00 $

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Snowman Cardigan & Santa Face Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest


Image 1                                                                         Image 2

31.99 $                                                                          20.00 $

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