From the beginning of the year excitement never goes on mute button, it remains on and very much active for Easter. The anticipation grows bigger and better till the arrival of spring when Easter would bring fervor and its sacredness to envelop us in peace and harmony. Events bring us closer, we invite people to our place and thus a healthy environment is created.

Today I am unfolding 12+ the best & cheap Easter egg basket ideas of 2014. I am sure you would love the collection. Usually big baskets are preferred because too many things can be placed in them and it does not look messy. Add various colors in painting Easter eggs, you can make an artificial nest as well for eggs and place them in the baskets; flowers and bunnies are also enclosed as they are the real asset of Easter. Celebrate the euphoria. Cheers!

Easter Eggs & Carrots, Easter Decorations


$ 29.99

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Easter Grass Reusable Easter Basket Decoration


$ 6.00

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Dollhouse Scale White Chocolate Bunny Easter Basket


$ 18.50

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Easter Ornaments – Crochet


$ 3.00

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Easter Egg Scrubber Buddies



$ 14.49

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Amigurumi Pattern Crochet – Eggs In A Basket


$ 4.20

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Easter Basket


$ 30.00

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Crochet Chocolate Eggs For Easter


$ 14.00

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Pink Easter Basket With Easter Eggs


$ 3.00

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Girly Egg Easter Basket


$ 18.00

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Crochet Basket + 4 Easter Eggs!


$ 15.00

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Easter Basket With Eggs Crochet


$ 2.00

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Vintage German Easter Egg Candy Holder Box


$ 15.00

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