Every event has its own specialty and when it comes to Halloween, we link it to something daunting, dreadful, perplexing, frightful, scary and outrageous. As Halloween is only few days far; we are eyeing up to pick out a best outfit for ourselves. In the same way makeups and accessories matter a lot to add additional spark to the whole Halloween attire and persona.

Today I am unfolding 10+ scary yet creative Halloween hair bows, clips & headbands of 2012 for girls and kids. These headbands are creative, colorful, mystifying and shocking too. Enjoy this collection and get yourself done for this Halloween on October 31.


Halloween Kids Headband Candy Corn Head Band Black


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Black and Orange Halloween Hair Clip / Halloween Feather Hair Accessory


27.00 $

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Cute Halloween Witch Hat Hair Clip


5.00 $

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Jack Skellington Bat Hair Bow Tie – Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Hair Clip


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Orange Bow in Hair For Halloween


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Zombie Finger Hair Clips


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Spooky Goth Zombie Skull Hand Clip For Halloween


3.00 $

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Small Sparkly Orange Spider Halloween Hair Clips


10.00 $

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Halloween Hair Bow- Neon Green and Black Bat Print Fabric Bow


8.00 $

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Zombie Hair Bows with Bloody Eyeballs


9.40 $

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Zombie Girl Embroidered Hair Art & Bat Head Band


10.00 $                                                                          Image source

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Halloween Rings & Skeleton Hairstyle Ideas


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