Easter is that celebration where friends and family arrange a get together party, offer prayers and thank God for the refreshing time and His blessings. On Easter, bunnies and eggs are vital; they cannot be put aside. Even people put eggs and bunnies in the gift baskets and certainly they give a very cute and adorable look to the beholder.

Today I am unfolding 10+ new & amazing bunny Easter basket gift ideas of 2014. You can make them by yourself or even get them from the malls and markets. Shopkeepers are selling them away on cheaper prices because Easter is just around the edge and they want to accommodate more and more people. Share your happiness and joy with your dear ones and celebrate this Easter with elation and excitement. Make memories and do let us know how much this accumulation made your work easier. Have a look!

Crochet Cottontail Easter Basket


$ 35.00

Buy from Etsy


Knit Bunny Baskets


$ 5.64

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Easter White Bunny In Purple Chicken Eggshell Basket Ornament


$ 16.91

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Bunny Easter Basket


$ 25.00

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Felted Easter Bunny


$ 42.00

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Lace Crochet Easter Basket With Handles


$ 12.89

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Cotton Easter Bunny Chenille Basket Decoration


$ 15.00

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Floppy Ear Bunny Basket


$ 43.00

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Crochet Amigurumi Bunnies In Crochet Basket


$ 55.00

Buy from Etsy


4 Polka Dot & Paisley Easter Bunnies


$ 21.00

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Needle Felted Basket Of Bunnies With Carrots


$ 64.00

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