Birthdays are so special, when friends and family surround the birthday girl and bestow upon her gifts and presents. Balloons cover the floor and ceiling, yummy cake is placed on the table, people singing around, “Happy Birthday To You” and the belle is dressed up elegantly are all what make birthday so important and memorable.

If the birthday of your loved ones is approaching and you are eyeing up to get a new and funky gift to make your dear happy on her birthday then here comes a pretty collection brought together just to accommodate you., have a look at the accumulation of 10 + best & awesome happy birthday gift ideas of 2014. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, teddy bears, chocolates, terracotta plates and things of such sort are too cute gifts to give away. Cheers all the way!

Rose Gold Bow Earrings

10-Best -Awesome-Happy-Birthday-Gift-Ideas-2014-1

$ 14.00

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Pearl Drop Earrings

10-Best -Awesome-Happy-Birthday-Gift-Ideas-2014-2

$ 15.00

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Harry Potter Ring Sterling Silver

10-Best -Awesome-Happy-Birthday-Gift-Ideas-2014-3

$ 29.50

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White Gold Necklace


$ 21.00

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Infinity Anchor & Owl Bracelet

10-Best -Awesome-Happy-Birthday-Gift-Ideas-2014-5

$ 4.99

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Wrap Bracelet Turquoise & Brown

10-Best -Awesome-Happy-Birthday-Gift-Ideas-2014-6

$ 23.00

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Make Up Roll Perfect Best Friend Birthday Gift


$ 17.11

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Hand Painted Colorful Decorative Plate


$ 45.00

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Gift For Best Friend


$ 15.00

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Friend Birthday Gifts


$ 15.00

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Birthday Gift Basket


$ 4.50

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Happy Birthday Candy Bar Bouquet Gift Basket

10-Best -Awesome-Happy-Birthday-Gift-Ideas-2014-12

$ 29.99

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