Unique & Scary Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples 2013/ 2014


Halloween is associated with phantoms, blood images, ghosts, skeletons, evil faces, carved pumpkins and horrifying elements. Each year it is celebrated with a crazy and maniac approach. As the event becomes near we rush to the markets in order to pick stuff.

Kids start jumping and eat the heads of their parents because they also want to be a part and parcel of this event. How youth and teenagers can can be put aside. They are the real essence of Halloween.

Today I am showcasing unique & scary Halloween costume ideas of 2013-2014 for couples. Pick your favorite costume and make a quick purchase before it’s too late. I hope you would enjoy it to your fullest. Take it away!


Romance, Test Tubes & A Beetlejuice Save-The-Date



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Jack & Sally Couples Costume Idea



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Creepy Corpse In A Body Bag & Coroner Couple Costume



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Deceased Couple From Beetlejuice Costumes



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 Mr. Fox & Mrs. Fox Homemade Costumes



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Mr. & Mrs. Bobble Costumes



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Constructing Anubis & Isis Costumes



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DIY Lightning & Struck By Lightning







Harley Quinn & Joker






Bone Chilling Prom Date Couple Halloween Costume



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 Jack & Sally Halloween Costumes



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Malibu Barbie & Ken Couple Costume



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 Joker & Harley Quinn



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Stepping Out Skeleton Couple Men & Women Halloween



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The Muppets Couples Costume Miss Piggy & Kermit Adult Standard



$ 82.78

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