Deep Fall Make Up Trends, Looks & Ideas For Girls 2013/ 2014


Weather defines colors, the feel, makes up a whole environment calm and serene. When it is the case of autumn, what usually comes in mind is falling leaves, dusky look, dull and pastel hues around with a lot of yellow, greens and blacks. Even fashion in autumn has the same appeal. It does effect and influence fashion line and trends.

Today I am unleashing deep fall make up trends, looks & ideas of 2013-2014 for girls. Paint your eyes with light strokes of silverfish, whitish, pale, browns, dull and soft green colors. That would not load heavy on your eye looks and give a subtle soft touch and a decent cool feel in autumn. I have put together all such fantastic ideas to direct you which makeups you should go and pick in autumn. Have a look down below!


Cool Fall Make Up Trends 2013



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Fall Make Up Looks 2013



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Deep Fall Make Up Ideas 2013/ 2014






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