20 Best, Unique, Creative Yet Scary Halloween Costume Ideas 2012 For Teen Girls & Women


As Halloween is at a stone’s throw and its flag is yet to be hoisted this October 31, many preparations are to be made for this day in terms of costume or accessories selection. The Halloween posts of Girlshue are being appreciated by you all and this motivated me to come up with another exciting post of 20 best, unique, creative yet scary Halloween costume ideas of 2012 exclusively for teen girls & women.

Of course it is a bit intricate thing to make out the best on Halloween but you don’t need to be adept in picking out a Halloween costume for yourself; all you need to know is a bit of understanding how to carry whatever you wear. Make you own fashion this Halloween by getting inspiration from the following Halloween costumes’ assemblage. Enjoy and scare your folks. Boo!


The Glamour & Emerald Witch Costumes For Halloween



Image 1                                                                                   Image 2

21.68-57.95 $                                                                      44.99 $

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Dreamgirl Mysterious Mistress Dresses For Halloween



Image 1                                                                              Image 2

36.89-73.53 $                                                                19.99-57.48 $

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Women’s Queen Of Nightfall Costume &  Slinky Vampire Costume



Image 1                                                                                        Image 2

20.54-49.22 $                                                                          39.97 $

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Zombie Girl Costumes For Halloween



Image 1                                                                                   Image  2

39.99 $                                                                                   54.99 $

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Highschool Horror School Girl Adult Costumes For Halloween



Image 1

54.99 $

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Zombie Policewoman & Office adult Costumes For Halloween



Image 1                                                                                   Image 2

22.99 £                                                                                   22.69-91.47 $

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Bat Girl & Wonder Women Costumes For Halloween



Image 1                                                                                   Image 2

17.85- 125.59 $                                                                  42.49 $

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 Tuxedo & Bones Dresses



Image source 1                                                                         Image 2

34.00 $

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Cat Ears & Tails & Lady Gaga Sequin Dresses For Halloween



Image 1                                                                                    Image 2

6.95 $                                                                                       19.49 – 59.95 $

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Maid Marion & Red Riding Hood Costumes For Halloween



Image 1                                                                              Image 2

34.99 $                                                                              44.99 $

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Mermaid Fitted Gown & Angry Birds Black Costumes For Halloween



Image 1                                                                                 Image 2

47.53 – 192.57 $                                                               36.99 $

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Ghostly Lady & Skeleton Bride Halloween Costumes



Image 1                                                                                    Image 2

97.76-276.56 $                                                                   36.74-104.13 $

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Women’s Fairy Godmother Halloween Costume



79.99 $

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Creative Halloween Costume



Image source



Halloween Beauty



Image source



Cool, Scary, Classy & Fun Glow-In-The-Dark Spider Web Halloween Costumes For Women



24.50 $

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Unique Halloween Idea



Image source



Zombie Costumes For Halloween



30.88 $

Buy from wondercostumes



Diy Sewing Pattern-Simplicity 1819-Steampunk Bolero,Top, Corset and Bustle Skirt For Halloween



Image source



Vampire Steampunk Dress Alternative Wedding Gown For Halloween



755.00 $

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