15 Cool & Easy Summer Nail Designs & Ideas For Girls 2013


Summer is the name of colors that are blooming, refreshing and eye bobbling. Whether it comes to dresses or jewelry we see a lot of yellows, blues, orange and flashy colors. I myself highly appreciate wearing enticing colors in summers. It feels like a lively butterfly, isn’t? Likewise hands are properly treated in summers so that they don’t get dried by the scorching winds. Nails also need to be taken care of.

Today I am bringing before you 15 cool and easy summer nail designs & ideas of 2013 for girls. You can make yellow polka dots, flowers, colorful pattern or any textured design can be made on the nails of both hands. They will complement your attire and personality and enhance your elegance. Scroll down to get inspiration from our today’s collection of awesome nail art designs. Take it away!


Best Summer Nails 2013



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Amazing Summer Nails 2013





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Attractive Summer Nails 2013



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