15 Best Short Acrylic Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Girls 2013


Girls never miss a single chance beautifying them and making them look gorgeous. They spend extravagantly and try to reach the possible stature they perceive for them. Fashion has a lot to do with women’s glitter and spark. Whether it is to shop for dresses or accessories; it has never been an uphill task for them.

Today I am coming along with a nice collection of 15 best short acrylic nail art designs & ideas of 2013 for girls of any age. Try out these awesome designs and make your nails look cuter than ever. Stay stylish and trendy for it is the right of every single of you. Enjoy your own beauty. Cheers!


Acrylic Nail Designs



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Image source




Nurse Nails



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Christmas Nails



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Random Acrylic Nails



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Image source



Image source




Neon Abstract Nails



Image source



Image source



Image source




Pink & Gold Nail Designs



Image source



Image source




Polka Dots Nails






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