15 Best, Cute & Amazing Christmas Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Pictures 2012


Hay friends! Today I have come up with yet another post of Christmas. Christmas is a few months later but the frenzy and elation for this can be sensed easily. Christmas bells continue to ring all through the month of December. Big feast are arranged on Christmas Eve and costumes parties become the focus of every lady. Keeping that in my mind I try my level best to bring forth what is truly desirable.

Today I am showcasing 15 best, cute and amazing Christmas nail-art designs, ideas and pictures of 2012. Hope you are going to paint your nails by extracting creative and innovative ideas from this post. The fun is yet to come. Way to go!


Christmas Gift Nails



Image source



Red Christmas Manicure With Lights & Christmas Tree



Image source



Christmas Nail Art




Snowflake Christmas Nails



Images source



Snowman & Snowflakes Nails For Christmas



Image source



Gold Nails For Christmas



Image source



 Santa Nails



Image source


Image source



Cute Santa’s Hat Nail Art



Image source



 Amazing Nail Art For Christmas



Image source



Jolly Santa Nails For Christmas



Image source



Snowman Nails



Image source



 Best Christmas Nail Art



Image source



 Cute Red Christmas Nails



Image source



 Christmas Nail Art Designs & Ideas



Images source 1 2 3 4


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