10 + Creative Happy New Year Eve Nail Art Designs 2012/2013


Nail art fashion is quite in these days. Cool and funky colors make a stunning amalgam of color patterns and make nails all the more attractive and eye catchy. It is very easy to paint nails with easy nail art designs. They look cute, adorable, beautiful & fantastic. So why not to try out something really different this time?

Today I am bringing forth 10 + creative Happy New Year Eve nail art designs of 2012/2013. Paint your nails with these marvelous nail art designs and enjoy your being stylish and fashionable.


Golden Bejeweled Glam



Image source



 Lunar New Year Nails



Image source



 New Years Nails



Image source



NEW YEAR Inspired Nail Art Design



Image source



Chunky Glitter Nails



Image source



Nails For New Year’s Eve





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Images source 1 2


Images source 1 2


Images source 1 2


Image source 1


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